About us

Our mission

We are a clinic that understands the need to be beautiful regardless of age. We implement our mission – the key to beauty – through a wide range of modern treatments carried out by qualified staff. When visiting our clinic, you will feel that you are in the right place to keep your youthful appearance for longer. Our clinic offers a range of dentistry, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology services for different age groups.

The offices are equipped with the most modern medical and diagnostic (X-ray) equipment. Our team of qualified medical specialists and hygienists will guarantee treatment at the highest level in the field of prophylaxis, conservative and aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery as well as implantology and prosthetics.

In addition, we offer a variety of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine, such as lip modeling and firming, filling wrinkles, volumetry and face modeling, hyaluronic threads, botox, mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and fibrin. We also offer cosmetology treatments, including beauty treatments, hydrogen purification, chemical peels, microneedle mesotherapy, microneedle radiofrequency, Japanese kobido lifting massage, reduction of scars, stretch marks, discoloration and excessive hair.

At My BeautyClinic, we have a treatment proposal combining the Icoone Laser 2 technology and a shock wave, which aims to reduce cellulite and shape the body shape. We guarantee high quality of services, which we can provide thanks to reliable medical preparation as well as modern technologies and devices.